Toulon wins the H-CUP

Toulon won the H-CUP Saturday, May 24, 2014 in Cardiff. This is the first time a French club could retain his title twice.Faced with the Saracens, he won 23 against 6 points. RCT Toulon finally takes its place among the “big Europe”, they could write a first page on their legend.

They do not have to stop there, even after this victory, the Toulons trying to win the Cup of Europe – Top 14 next Saturday. They try everything to all; the success story does not stop there. They have retained their title for two consecutive years; this explains their place in the Pantheon Cup of Europe.

During the match last Saturday, although Saracens were really impressive in their tactics and physical. The Toulons were able to beat thanks to the talent of Johny Wilkinson who gave that H-CUP as a gift before retiring. He gave a glowing twilight to his career.

RCT Toulon fans have published their gratitude and their feelings on several sites.

In short, even if Toulons have won the H-CUP this year, we’ll see in 2015 if they manage to retain their title three consecutive years. But this year, it keeps track of success.12

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